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What is Counselling - for young people

Counselling creates  a space; your space, to explore the things that matter to you. Sometimes, life can be tough and people growing up can be under a lot of pressure. Whatever is on your mind; problems, decisions, worries, mixed-up feelings or changes, a counsellor can help you explore these and support you to work out what is holding you back or the things you would like to be different. We can help you to consider strategies and options that really work for you.

To understand how counselling works, it’s worth thinking about what it’s not. It’s not the same as going to your doctor or other professionals where you may be advised, instructed or directed. You will be in charge of the ‘agenda’ in your counselling session.

You’ll see the same counsellor each session, who will be patient and won't rush you to talk. We have lots of resources for you to explore and use, if you wish, such as art and crafts and games. You have the choice to keep coming back every week. You can ask questions at any time.

Counselling is confidential, nothing you say will be disclosed to anyone else, except under exceptional circumstances .

We dont blame or judge you

We dont tell you what to do

We can give you the time and space you need

We are there for you- whatever the problem

We are good at listening carefully

We help you sort things out in a way that suits you

We have lots of training and practice to help us do our job well

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