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What is Counselling - for kids

A counsellor can help you when you feel sad, cross, scared, worried, annoyed or frustrated with yourself, with school, or with an adult or other people around you. Counsellors are trained to help you make sense of these 'muddly' feelings.

You come each week to work with a trained counsellor so that life isn’t so full of strong emotions. We have toys, games, art stuff and lots of other fun stuff! We try to really listen to you and to understand your 'muddly' feelings and help you to figure out what you would like to change. We are patient and happy to be with you while you do what you choose.

We don’t tell anyone what you say or do in your sessions (unless we are worried about you hurting yourself or someone else and then we have to tell the right adult.) 

I felt really safe and I don't have lots of noisey, mixed up feelings in my head and tummy.

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